Tim Ward has a uses a variety of methods to be able to convey his (or possibly YOUR) message which would be appropriate for almost any event.   The following are samples of some of the types of shows that he can do.  


men(t)lˌizəm / noun

 The theory that physical and psychological phenomena are ultimately explicable only in terms of a creative and interpretative mind.

Mind reading can be a touchy subject in the Christian world today.  Is it real?  Should this even be attempted?  I believe that we all make “interpretations” about other people each and every day.   Have you ever been able to tell that someone is mad even though they have never said it?   Of course you have and that is because you were reading their body language.  Most of us have people in our lives that, if put in the right situation, we can almost tell what they are thinking about.  Some of us even have close friends or family members that we know what they are going to say before they actually say it.   Is this paranormal?  Definitely the answer is no. 

The art of reading someone’s mind is simply that, an art.   Understanding how to read peoples body language is no different than someone learning a foreign language like Spanish or French.   Tim Ward has been studying human psychology, body language, hand writing analysis, along with other forms of communication, and incorporates these into his act to make it seem like he is actually able to read your deepest thoughts.    But he wants to make it very clear that his does not claim to be psychic or have any other powers other than what God gave to everyone.  He has taken his fascination with how complex and advanced the human mind is and demonstrates ways in which we can utilize this in our daily lives.     But most of all, he wants to find out what God says about this powerful tool that he gave to us and how He wants us to use it for His glory. 

His creative and fun presentations and his ability to adapt his presentations to fit your specific message or theme is the reason why he would be a great compliment for your next church function, banquet, corporate event, or party.

Kid Shows / Birthday Parties / VBS

Performing at a VBS in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Performing at a VBS in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tim is just a big kid at heart, and knows that there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the eyes of a child light up when they learn to look at this world in a different way.   While most of his time is spent performing for adults, it is his constant search to try and look at things with a child like wonder that keeps his love for magic going.   He really enjoys getting to visit the various Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) and can tailor his message to match the theme of your event.

Adult Parties

Really?   You actually NEED an explanation for this section?  Aren't we ALL just big kids at heart?   This is just the same type of fun listed above but tailored for adults.   

Trade Shows / Carnivals

Carnival at the West Mabee Boys & Girls Club

Carnival at the West Mabee Boys & Girls Club

Want to have some fun at your next carnival or trade show ?    Tim will bring his show directly to your table or booth which will attract help people want to come over.  After all, isn't that what it's all about?  At trade shows he will adapt his magic to fit the message of your company and do two 10-15 minute shows an hour which will end with a message about your product.  People will not only stop, but they will come back!    How is that for advertising?

At carnivals Tim is willing to do walk around magic as well as sitting at a booth using his magic as one of your carnival games.   The only thing more powerful than seeing magic is when your audience gets a change to be able to DO it.    Please visit our CONTACT page if you have any questions about the possibilities.