Meet the newest member of Tim Ward Magic

Roger 3.JPG

Roger Cornelison

Roger is said by many to be Tulsa’s best comedy magician. Known for his amazing work with the floating table, Roger has been bringing his own, unique brand of magic to audiences for several (hundred) years. He is an avid collector of magic and really loves learning about the history of this great art form. He currently lives in a home outside of Tulsa with his beautiful wife, Jerra. Most importantly, Roger is a strong believer and a follower of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We are blessed to know Roger and you will be too!

Roger is probably best known for his amazing floating table. Please check out the video on this page related to that. You will enjoy your time! The second video below is his version of one of the oldest and greatest tricks in magic, the linking rings. He ends that video up with a very unique story using one rope with many ends which was inspired by master magician, Duane Laflin.

Roger and Jerra Cornelison

Being able to get out and meet some new and amazing people is probably one of the greatest things about doing magic. When he has the opportunity, Roger likes to travel and perform for audiences all over. He would be a great addition to any event that you have!

Roger and Jerra “owling” with pleasure.

Please visit the CONTACT ME section on this website if you have any questions.